PTT 789 Pool Tour Event

(Please contact the tournament holder for verification prior to attending this tournament)
Location: First Break Cafe, Sterling VA
Game: (7-Ball) (8-Ball) (9-Ball) (10-Ball)
Address: 46970 Community Plaza, #200, Sterline, VA
Phone: (703) 444-2551
Live Streaming:
Day: 3rd Sunday
Signup Time: 12:00pm
Start Time: 12:30pm
Member Req:
Entry Fee: $40
Green Fee: 0
Added Money: $200
Format: Various
Elimination: Modified
Race To: Handicap
Max Player #: 32
Table Size(ft): 9
Rules: 9 ball on the break is a win; 7/8 ball on the break is not a win and will be spotted back on the table. Choice of a game format or break the rack. Rack your own & the winner breaks.
Other Info: It is a combination of 7 ball, 8 ball, and 9 ball games. The tournament will be played with a double elimination format except for the final round which will be of a single race of race to 8 games out of total 15 games (5 of 7 balls, 5 of 8 balls, 5 of 9 balls). Winner's side, as well as loser's side play, will be a race to 5 games out of total 9 games (3 of 7 balls, 3 of 8 balls, 3 of 9 balls).‚Äč If one chooses to break first, other will decide which game to play first.


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