9-ball tournament

(Please contact the tournament holder for verification prior to attending this tournament)
Game: 9-Ball
Address: 511 N. Washington St., Kokomo, IN
Phone: 765-457-3032
Live Streaming:
Day: Saturday
Signup Time: 7:00pm
Start Time: 7:00pm
Member Req:
Features: (Players Auction)
Entry Fee: 7
Green Fee: 3
Added Money:
Format: Singles
Elimination: Double
Race To: hanicap
Max Player #: 32
Table Size(ft): 7
Rules: Loser breaks. Cue ball fouls only. Red circle cueball. Push after break. Race to handicap.
Other Info: $130 a ball BREAK&RUN. $2 a TICKET(Tournament players can buy AS MANY TICKETS as you want)! TOURNAMENT PLAYER DRAWN IS THE ONE THAT HAS THE SHOT. Cold beer & hot food. FRESH HOME MADE PIZZAS! Free practice for tournament players @ 6pm. Hours are 5pm-12am Mon-Sat. CLOSED SUBDAY!! PLEASE Help support your local pool hall!! LADIES PLAY FREE ON FRIDAYS!! 5 big tracks & 9 valley bar boxes. 765-860-4224 Erica or 765-271-2959 Brent


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